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speakers, lighting, and a projector

Our first goal with AV rentals is to give you the most professional solutions for you equipment needs and make your rental experience as smooth and stress free as possible.  Towards that end, we’ll go to many lengths to make sure you are not being thrown into the fire when you leave our office with a projector, sound system or other AV equipment that you will be setting up and using on your own.  Often times we will set up to demonstrate proper setup and operation of the very equipment you will be using.  Cell phones cameras  and YouTube have proven to be a very valuable tools.  Being able to reference the proper setup and wiring of equipment with the touch of a few buttons has made our customers lives quite a bit easier. 

When you boil it down and get to the essence of what we do at AV Solutions, daily equipment rental is what is left in the bottom of the pot.  There’s not much we do for our clients that doesn’t include equipment and the most important part is that we have the right equipment for your needs.  Yes, our technical expertise is a very important part but if it wasn't for the equipment in most cases, we wouldn’t be needed.

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 We always keep an ear to the ground trying to figure out what's new and cutting edge in the way of equipment and what's the best solution for your needs.  As the old saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat but one of the most important things we do at AV Solutions is to identify the best way.  For a certain percentage of our clients, that is the prime and sometimes the only thing that is important.

Another significant consideration with equipment rentals is that the priority for some of our clients is economy.  It doesn’t do you, the customer, a whole lot of good if the solution to your equipment needs exceeds what you are willing to spend.  So for many needs, we have in inventory more than one equipment solution that we can offer you. While it’s not feasible to be everything to everyone, we do look to address the equipment needs of our clients with varying levels of complexity and cost.  No one shoe fits all of course! 

Below is a partial list of what we have in inventory in our South Windsor, Connecticut warehouse.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please inquire.  If we are unable to supply what you need, we will let you know where to look. 


QSC K12 Powered Active Speaker

Anchor AN-1000X Powered Speaker w / Ext Speaker
Anchor Liberty Powered Speaker
Anchor Extension Speaker
ElectroVoice SxA-100 Powered Speaker
EAW 12" Two Way Speaker
EAW 12" Two Way Main / Monitor Passive Speaker
EAW 15" Two Way Speaker
EAW SB-250 Passive Subwoofer
Vue I-2X4.5 Speaker
Yamaha AS108 Two Way Speakers
Yamaha A/B Powered Monitor Speaker
USS Tele-Lock Speaker Stand

Mics & Accessories

Shure ULXP24D Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Shure UR124D Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Shure ULX-D4Q Encrypted Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Sennheiser EW100 Series Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Sennheiser EW300 Series Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Sennheiser EW500 Series Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Sennheiser EW550 Series Wireless Microphone Lav / HH
Audio Technica AT857QMLa 19" Gooseneck Microphone
Audio Technica AT857QM 14" Gooseneck Microphone
Audio Technica AT8615 XLR Microhone Base
Audio Technica AT871R Boundary Microphone
AudioTechnica ATM 41 HE Dynamic Microphone
AudioTechnica Pro10 HE Dynamic Microphone
AudioTechnica Pro4 L Dynamic Microphone
Behringer EMC-8000 Measurement Michrophone
Countryman E61 Headset Microphone
Shure WH30TQG Headworn Condenser Microphone
Shure Beta58 Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM58 Microphone

Shure SM85 Condenser Microphone

Shure SM87A Condenser Microphone
EWI 24 x 8 x 150' Audio Reel Snake
EWI 24 x 8 x 200' Audio Reel Snake
Whirlwind Medusa 12 x 4 50' Snake
Whirlwind PC-DI Direct Box
Whirlwind DA-2 Audio Distribution Amplifier

Mixers, Amps & Miscellaneous

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console
Midas Venice 320 Mixer Console
Mackie 24.4VLZ Pro 24 Channel Mixer
Crest CPM-2462 24 Channel (16 XLR) Mixer
Mackie 1604VLZ Pro 16 Channel Mixer
Mackie 1402VLZ Pro 14 Channel (6 XLR) Mixer
Mackie 1202VLZ Pro 12 Channel (4 XLR) Mixer
Yamaha EMX62M Powered Mixer
Dugan E-1 8 Channel Auto Mixer
Shure SCM-810 8 Channel Auto Mixer
Shure SCM 268 Mixer
OPAMP VA8 Active Press Feed
Ashly Protea Processor / Equalizer
Ashly GQX-3102 1/3 Octave Stereo EQ
Ashly MQX-2150 15 Band EQ
Ashly RX-1001 Crossover
Whirlwind DA-2 Audio Distribution Amplifier
Apogee Duet 2
Comprehensive CPA-HDA3 Audio De-Embedder
Data-Video AD-100M Audio Delay Unit
QSC PL-230 Powerlight Amplifier
QSC RMX-2450 Amplifier


Clearcom Intercom System 
HME DX-200 Wireless Intercom - 6 Station
Anchor Assistive Listening System


Polycom Sound Station Speaker Phone
Polycom Sound Station2 Speaker Phone w / 2 Ext Mics
Comrex DH-30 Hybrid Telephone Interface
JK Audio 1X Inkeeper Digital Hybrid
JK Audio Innkeeper PBX Digital Hybrid

Audio Recorders/Players

Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder
Marantz CD CDR-420 MP3 Recorder
Marantz PMD-660 MP3 Recorder
Superscope PSD450mk2 Digital Recorder
Sony Portable CD Player


Da-Lite Adjustable Height Lectern
Anchor Admiral Standing Lectern
Amplivox Contemporary Black Lectern
Anchor Ensign Tabletop Lectern with Microphone
Overhead Projector
Da-lite Flipchart with Pad & Markers
Da-Lite Flipchart with White Board
Da-Lite Heavy Duty Designer Flip Chart
Da-lite Display Easels
Da-Lite 4' x 6' White/Chalk Boards
Bretford 54" Adjustable A/V Cart - Skirted
Da-Lite 48" A/V Cart - Skirted
Bretford 42" Adjustable A/V Cart - Skirted
Safe-lock Projector Stand
Stage Draping

Tech Table Draping
2' x 4' Stage Decks, 6" or 12" or 18" High

4' x 4' Stage Decks, 6" or 12" or 18" High
Stairs for 12" or 18" High Stage Decks
Black Skirt for 12" or 18" High Stage Deck x 12'
Black Skirt for 12" or 18" High Stage Deck x 24'

Office Equipment

HP Color LaserJet 2025n Printer
HP M277dw Color LaserJet Multifunction Printer
HP LaserJet Pro 1102w Black Printer

Video Projection

Eiki EK-402 4700 Lumen High Definition Projector
Eiki EIP-U4700 4700 Lumen High Definition Projector
Eiki EK-600U 6000 Lumen High Definition Projector
Eiki HDT-30 8000 Lumen High Definition Projector
Eiki HDT-1000 10,000 Lumen High Definition Projector
Various Lenses available for HDT-30 and HDT-1000
Eiki XB-23 2000 Lumen Standard Definition Projector
Eiki XB-28 3000 Lumen Standard Definition Projector
Eiki XB-43 4500 Lumen Standard Definition Projector
Generico 8' Vertical Truss Projector Stand
Generico 10' Vertical Truss Projector Stand
Projection Scaffolding

Video/Data Display

Sharp LC-80LE642U 80" LED LCD Display
Sharp LC-70LE650U 70” LED LCD Display
Sharp LC_60LE6300UN 60” LED LCD Display
Sharp LC-52LE640U 52” LED LCD Display
Sony 40” KDL-40EX640 LED Display
Toshiba 32L310U18 32” LCD Display
Samsung 24" LCD Display
Apex 19” LCD Monitor / HDTV Display
NEC 15" LCD Wide Screen Display
Truss LED / LCD Stands
Premier Floor Stands
BlackMagic Dual 7" SDI Monitor Set
BlackMagic Dual 8" SDI Monitor Set

Switchers/Signal Distribution

Analog Way Pulse2 Seamless Switcher
Analog Way Pulse Seamless Switcher
Analog Way Opus OPS-300 Seamless Switcher
Kramer VM-4HDXL SDI 1 x 4 Distribution Amplifiers
Kramer VM-10HDXL SDI 1 x 10 Distribution Amplifiers
Kramer FC-113 HDMI to HD-SDI Converters
Kramer FC-332 SDI to HDMI Converters

Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini / Web Presenter
Blackmagic Design Mini Converter / 1 x 4 DA
Blackmagic Design SDI to HDMI Mini Converter
Blackmagic Design 4K SDI to HDMI Mini Converter
Blackmagic Design HDMI to SDI Mini Converter
Blackmagic Design Up Down Cross Mini Converter
Blackmagic Design Analog to SDI Mini Converter
Blackmagic Design Optical Fiber Mini Converter
Comprehensive CDA-HD14018G 1x4 HDMI DA
Comprehensive CSW-HD40118G 4x1 HDMI Switcher
Data-Video DAC-70 Cross Converter
Data-Video DAC-60 SDI to VGA Converter
Gefen EXT-DVI-142DL DVI 1 x 2 Splitter
Gefen EXT-DVI-2 DVI to RGBS Converter with Scaler
Gefen HDMI Extender over Cat-5
Gefen EXT-HDMI-5 BNC HDMI Extender over RGBHV
Matrox TripleHead2Go Display Port Edition


Laptop Presentation Computer
MacBook Pro Presentation Laptops
MacBook Pro Presentation Laptops with Plaback Pro
Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini / Web Presenter
D’San Limitimer Speaker Timer System
D’San Perfect Cue Mini Remote System for 2 Laptops
Honeywell Presentation Remote
Laser Pointer - Red or Green


50" x 50" Tripod Screen

60" x 60" Tripod Screen

70" x 70" Tripod Screen

84” x 84” Tripod Screen
96” x 96” Tripod Screen
96” x 96” Model C Cradle Screen
10’ x 10’ Model C Cradle Screen
6’ x 8’ Fast-fold Screen - Front/Rear
7.5’ x 10’ Fast-fold Screen - Front/Rear
7.5' x 13.4' Fast-fold Screen - Front/Rear
9’ x 12' Fast-fold Screen - Front/Rear
9' x 16' Fast-fold Screen - Front/Rear
10.5’ x 14’ Fast-fold Truss Screen - Front/Rear
Dress Kits Available for All Fast-fold Screens

Video Decks/Recorders

Sound Designs PIX-240 HD Solid State Recorder
BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio System
Onkyo DV-BD606 Blu Ray Player
Pioneer DVD-V8000 DVD Player


Panasonic AG-AC90APJ Camcorder
Panasonic AG-HPX 250P Professional Camcorder
Sony HVR-V1U HD Camcorder
Vinten Vision 3 Professional Tripod
Vinten Vision 8 Professional Tripod
Bogen Manfroto Fluid Head Tripod


ETC SourceFour Ellipsoidal 19° / 26° / 36° / 50°
ETC SourceFour Par
Lightronics TL-4016 Two Scene Controller
Lightronics AS-42L Dimmer Pack
ADJ RGB3C Lighting Controller
Global-Truss ST-132 Lighting Stand
USS Light Stand with T Bar
Chauvet Slim Par Pro RGBA LED Lights
Chauvet Freedom Par Quad RGBA LED Lights
Chauvet Freedom Par Quad Charging Case
Chauvet Stage Designer 50 48 Channel Controller
Generico 2.5' Truss
Generico 8' Vertical Truss
Generico 10' Vertical Truss


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