Corporate Event Planning: 4 Tips for Success

  • Corporate Event Planning: 4 Tips for Success

    Corporate Event Planning: 4 Tips for Success

    What is it that makes an amazing corporate event? Does it need to excite all your attendees? Does it include interactive activities that get everyone involved? And does it have the technical support and equipment that is needed to pull in and captivate the audience and deliver your message with confidence & clarity?

    The answer is absolutely yes to all of the above! We think that these questions should be asked of every corporate event to ensure that you’re delivering a top-notch experience for all of your attendees.

    So, where to begin?


    Choose a theme

    Before you start diving into your event planning, it’s important to establish the overall theme of your event. After all, an event with a less than clear theme brings forth the question, why?

    So, what’s the purpose of your event? Are you here to improve skills? Is it about celebrating your employees and company achievements? Are you raising money for charity? Knowing your purpose will help you establish a theme that produces a successful and well attended event.


    Select a location

    A good location has the following ingredients: it’s easy to get to; it has a positive atmosphere; it offers the services you need; and it includes quality, dependable food service. With these vital elements in hand, your venue will have built a strong foundation for your event.


    Set your budget

    What do we want to spend your money on? Ask yourself key questions like: What is the most worthwhile part of this event? Is this event less about the food, and more about the engagement? You’ll be able to budget accordingly once your priorities are set.


    Plan your activities

    How will you keep your attendees engaged?

    In 2019, we can often be distracted by our phones or conversation. So, spending some time to think about the interactive activities that we’ll want to deploy at our event is essential. That will often require having quality, dependable audio visual equipment on hand, so you deliver a crisp presentation without running into any technical issues along the way.

    On that note, AV Solutions LLC is ready to help make your next corporate event your best yet! We inventory an extensive range of video projectors and equipment, audio & sound equipment and also offer professional event production services.

    Ready to plan your corporate event? Contact us today!

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