An Audio Engineers Best Friend!

  • An Audio Engineers Best Friend!

    An Audio Engineers Best Friend!


    Say hello to Dan Dugan.  He’s the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer and an audio engineer’s best friend!  Have you ever wondered why sound reinforcement can be such a challenge for some technicians to manage and for the audience to listen to., words getting cut off and feedback shrill enough to wake the dead?  And at other meetings everything is pitch perfect.  Well, I’m about to reveal one of an audio engineers cherished secrets……..

    Dugan Automatic Microphone Mixer

    A lot of the time the proof is in the processing.  Often, our most valuable pieces of audio gear on site is the Dugan automatic microphone mixers we use for situations with lots of microphones in use like panel discussions and Q&A sessions.  Lavalier or clip-on mics can be extremely sensitive and when not properly managed, prone to feedback.  But with a properly setup automatic mic mixer, the beast is slain and everyone’s happy and totally unaware of the sound technician and the job he is doing.  Mission accomplished once again, stress free support.

    Thank you Dan!

    Here are links to learn more about Dan Dugan and his company.

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