Make Your Company Anniversary Memorable

  • Make Your Company Anniversary Memorable

    Make Your Company Anniversary Memorable

    It could be a 10, 20 or even a 100-year anniversary of your company. Don’t let this special occasion slip by uncelebrated! This is a great achievement in the life of your company because of all the work that has gone into navigating to this milestone. Make it a great event for your customers and employees.  AV Solutions can help you showcase your history and this special event!


    What We Have to Offer

    At AV Solutions, we offer professional audio equipment including wireless microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and more!  We can provide professional event staging services including draping, lighting and staging for this special event. Want to convey a message?  Our selection of video projectors and screens can fit that bill.  And if documenting the proceedings is one of your goals, we have video cameras, camcorders, tripods and digital video recorders.

    Let AV Solutions take care of the technical details so you all you have to worry about is planning and executing the event.


    For a memorable party, here are a few places to start:

    • Microphones/Speakers –We carry a full line of wireless and wired microphones for your emcee and presenters that can be reinforced with an appropriate number of speakers. This will give you the ability to speak to all of your guests, highlight your company’s history and recognize any special guests, dignitaries and employees in attendance.
    • High Definition Projection and Flat Panel Displays – For a memorable presentation documenting the successes and memories of your company’s history, we recommend high definition projection or flat panel tv’s.  This will allow you to recall each and every step thru the years using crisp, beautiful high definition images.
    • Staging/Lighting – In larger venues a little more might be in order.  We can offer various stage sizes and lighting packages to elevate and highlight your presenters.
    • Video Recording – For a special event like this a documentation of the proceedings might be just the ticket. Footage of this type is very popular for executive retirement videos.  And then when it’s time to start pulling media together for your next significant anniversary……  A place to start!


    The biggest benefit will be seeing your guests and employees have a wonderful time at your company’s anniversary. AV Solutions is Connecticut’s leading audio equipment rental company. With over 100 years of staff experience combined with the latest technologies, our trained staff will give you the best service and products you need for your anniversary bash to be executed without a hitch, on budget and on time.

    You can contact AV Solutions at 860-761-1224 today to see how we can make your company’s anniversary one to remember!

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