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  • AV Equipment Rentals, It's What We Do!

    Here at AV Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the newest technologies & best solutions to our customers. With the largest AV rental equipment inventory in Greater Hartford, we can supply the equipment you need at a compelling value. Our 7000 square foot facility in South Windsor is fully stocked and ready to meet your needs. Most importantly, our equipment and the CTS certified technical staff that backs it up are uncommonly dependable. This is our value proposition to you. So, the next time you have equipment needs in Connecticut, give us a call.

  • Meeting Support & Staging Services

    AV Solutions holds meeting support and staging services in the highest regard. We separate ourselves from our competitors with our experience, customer service, consistency, performance and overall integrity of support. We just don't rectify problems, we anticipate them. This allows us to deliver a greater return on your investment. Our approach, combining state of the art equipment with an industry certified technical staff, delivers our ultimate goal of establishing long term enduring relationships with our clients. Be it in Hartford, Connecticut, New England or beyond, you can count on AV Solutions for uncommonly dependable meeting support and staging services.

  • Event Production Management

    With so many moving parts and pieces involved, executing a large scale event can be a challenge. AV Solutions takes pride in being able to step back and take a look at the big picture. Event production can have so many facets. Presentation graphics, video, audio, staging and lighting as well as set design all come together to creatively bring our clients' vision to life. We understand the constraints of time and money and we are happy to bring together all the components that are crucial pieces to producing a perfect event. Doing an event in Hartford's Connecticut Convention Center? Give us a call, we've been providing services there since it opened in 2005.

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