Standard Definition – High Definition – 4k

  • Standard Definition – High Definition – 4k

    Today’s throwback history lesson above is courtesy of You Tube.

    The world of video is a very interesting one these days!  With standard definition still clinging to life, high definition in the end game of a creeping takeover process, it’s 4k that’s now starting to make its way into our lives.  Here at AV Solutions, we have been big fans of high definition all the while supporting the nooks and crannies of the non-profit and corporate worlds that have not yet embraced the revolution.  Migration takes time and money, so basically we have two inventories of equipment to support whichever side of the fence our clients fall.  And while 4k is still quite a ways off from main stream, it is starting to make it’s way into retail stores and our living rooms.  It’s the content arena that is currently holding back the next big evolution in our television lives. While television production and the high end corporate market have embraced 4k, there hasn’t been a whole lot of market penetration otherwise.  Here at AV Solutions, all our video purchases are now 4k compatible, we’re getting ready.  We’re big fans of HD and we are hoping that 4k can change our world as much as HD has.  In the mean time, we look forward to supporting you in whatever format you choose!

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